The Science and Technology Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the NAS of RA (NAS of RA ODK GTK) was established by the RA government in 2006. According to the decision No. 1530 of October 12 and includes the following scientific research institutions:

  • A. Named after Mnjoyan. Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry (founded in 1955),
  • Institute of Organic Chemistry (founded in 1957),
  • Molecular Structure Research Center (founded in 1994)
    Now 284 people work in the center, including 189 researchers, 2 members of RA NAS, 19 doctors, 83 candidates of science.
    During the past three years, the employees of the Center have published 384 scientific articles, theses of republican and international conferences, and received 3 RA patents for inventions.
    During that same period, 16 candidate theses were defended.
    The Center, together with the Armenian Chemical Society, organized conferences with international participation: “New Materials and Processes” (2010), “Successes in the Field of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” (2012), “Achievements and Problems” (2014). as well as the 8th International Conference “Low Temperature Chemistry” (2010), the 4th International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists “Chemistry Today” (2014) jointly with the NAS of RA.
    2012 year. The collection of scientific works “Some Achievements of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” was published by the Center. The 010 Professional Council of the RA Higher Education Institute of Higher Education, which awards the doctor of science and candidate degrees in three specialties: B.00.03 – “Organic chemistry”, B.00.10 – “Bioorganic chemistry” and B.00.06 – “High molecular compounds” operates in the center.

The main scientific directions.

  1. Search, development and research of new medicines,
  2. Finding patterns between chemical structure and biological activity;
  3. Preclinical research of potential drugs.

Main scientific achievements.

14 drugs were developed and introduced into medical practice, three of which – “Ditilin”, “Gangleron” and “Thiodine” are now produced at the production site of the center and are used both in Armenia and abroad (Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia).

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