Synthesis of anticancer compounds

Synthesis of NOKI antitumor compounds. 2 laboratories / head: Ph.D. A. Harutyunyan/ deals with the synthesis and research of new biologically active compounds, including preparations for the treatment of malignant neoplasms, compounds for the treatment of bacterial and viral infectious diseases, etc.
The search for new effective therapeutic drugs is carried out on the basis of 5- and 6-membered heterocyclic compounds containing N, O, S atoms and their derivatives, their polycondensed systems, as well as nucleosides, hybrid molecules containing residues of various biologically active compounds, known antitumor and by chemical modification of antiviral preparations.
Methods of synthesis of organic molecules are developed using chemical combinatorics, which combine structural parts with different mechanisms of action of antitumor and antiviral preparations, including antimetabolites, inhibitors of mitosis and DNA methylation and protein biosynthesis, compounds with photodynamic effects, irreversible inhibitors of enzymes and receptors and etc:
The laboratory conducts joint research in the field of computer design of biologically active compounds, biological tests in vitro and in vivo, discusses the possible relationship between biological activity and structure, and on their basis determines the priorities of further studies.

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