The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the RA NAS was founded in 1957.

The traditional research direction of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, since its foundation, is the chemistry of unsaturated compounds: amino- and ammonium, organophosphorus, superunsaturated compounds and natural bioregulators, azoles, and polymers. The chemistry of nitrogen-containing heterocycles is a relatively new field.
The conducted research led to the clarification of new, important patterns of reactions of unsaturated compounds, the discovery of new reactions, which can rightfully be included in the series of widely used reactions in organic chemistry.
On the basis of the basic researches, natural low-molecular bioregulators, compounds with aromatic and organoleptic properties, aromatizers were created, the scientific bases of the synthesis and introduction of polymer compounds and composites were developed; modern new ways of synthesizing chemical reagents needed for scientific research. Environmentally safe, modern means of protection of agricultural crops have been created – sexual attractants (pheromones), which allow to exclude the use of pesticides. Amino- and phospho-compounds with a wide spectrum of biological activities have been synthesized. Phosphine oxides with high extraction properties were obtained.

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