Amino compounds

  1. Currently, the researches dedicated to intramolecular cyclization catalyzed on the basis of unsaturated ammonium salts, 4-hydroxymethylisoindolinium-, condensed isoindolinium salts under water-basic conditions, which have no precedent in the literature, are being discussed in the laboratory. The influence of the substituents present both near the nitrogen atom and in the aromatic core on the course of the aforementioned reactions is revealed.
  2. Research on the synthesis of terphenyl and its new derivatives based on deamination of amines during vacuum distillation of Stevens rearrangement and 1,3- or 1,5-proton displacement of cyclic allene in the resulting dienines molecule is discussed.
  3. An affordable method for the synthesis of p-terphenyl and its derivatives, widely used in industry and medicine, has been developed.
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