Organophosphorus compounds (OKI N4 laboratory)

The laboratory of organophosphorus compounds was founded in 1970 by academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia M.H. by Inkhikyan. From the very first days of the creation of the laboratory, M.H. Under the leadership of Inchikyan, a large number of researches were undertaken, dedicated to the study of the peculiarities of water-base hydrolysis of ,β- and β,γ-unsaturated quaternary phosphonium salts. Apart from the theoretical interest, the latter could be a starting material for obtaining diphenylphosphoryl compounds of the appropriate structure.

In the laboratory of organophosphorus compounds, research is regularly carried out in the field of chemical interactions of tertiary phosphines, their oxides, as well as quaternary phosphonium salts. In particular, the research related to the discovery of the features of both nucleophilic and electrophilic coupling reactions of quaternary phosphonium salts and phosphine oxides, as well as the synthesis of new organophosphorus derivatives deserve special attention.

Based on the available literature data on the useful properties of organophosphorus compounds, it is likely that the synthesized compounds can also be used as medicinal drugs, insecticides, pesticides, plasticizers, polymer stabilizers, metal salt excipients, etc.

Lab: manager’s office Gasparyan Gayane Tsatiki

before science working as a doctor of medicine Khachikyan Raya Jahani

Researcher , Ph.D. Poghosyan Artavazd Seryozhai

Researcher , Ph.D. Minasyan Grigor Hrant’s

Researcher , Ph.D. Bichakhchyan Arpenik Seyran :

Researcher , Ph.D. Khachatryan Taron Tadevos

junior researcher Hovakimyan Zaruhi Hranti

junior researcher Derdzyan Liana Vaniki

junior researcher Karamyan Emilia Hovhannes

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