Laboratory staff

  1. M. S. Sargsyan vs. science work., c.g.d., lab. manager,
  2. A. Kh. Khachatryan Ave. science work., c. c.
  3. A. E. Badasyan av. science work., c. c. ,
  4. A. A. Sargsyan Krt. science co.,
  5. K. A. Avagyan Krt. science work.,
  6. A.G. Manukyan Krt. science co.,

The laboratory is generally engaged in the study of interactions between imines, arylidene, ethoxymethylidene β-dicarbonyl compounds (chalcones) and acetoacetic acid and malonic acid amides. As a result of the mentioned interactions, new accessible methods for the synthesis of multi-functional substituted compounds of many carbo- and azacyclic structures have been revealed. Depending on the acidity of the CH acid of the methylene group of the amide, Michael retro-reaction products were also obtained. These works were published and are being published in magazines such as ХГС, ЖОХ, ЖОРХ, Armenian Chemical Journal, etc. Based on these works, two PhD theses were defended (Hayotsyan Sargis 2010, Hasratyan Ani 2016). Another defense work is almost ready (A. Sargsyan).

2021-2025 Basic Scientific Research Program of OKI Laboratory No. 8

In order to develop new methods of synthesis of compounds containing amine and cyano group in the pyridone ring, to study the interaction of electrophilic alkenes containing cyano group with CH acids of the amide structure.

Investigate the regioselectivity features of the intramolecular cyclization of the adducts formed during the mentioned interactions, including the possibilities of Michael’s retro-reaction.

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