Optical spectroscopy

Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Molecular Structure Research Center was founded in 1996 by Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Tigran Kurtikyan. Under the leadership of Professor Kurtikyan, the interaction of heme-model systems with signal molecules – O2, NO, CO, H2S – has been studied and continues to be studied in the laboratory. Nitrosyl, nitrite, and nitrate complexes of a number of metalloporphyrins with various trans ligands have been identified and studied. Oxygen transfer reactions from nitro complexes accompanied by the formation of corresponding oxidized substrates were studied.

In 2021, the laboratory won the Scientific Topic for Leading Research Support under the title “Study of the Interaction of Biological Signaling Molecules with Heme-Models and Registration of Intermediate Active Compounds; low-temperature spectral research and quantum-chemical (DFT) calculations” Molecular spectroscopy, low-temperature and DFT approach.).

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