MMR magnetic resonance spectroscopy

MMR Spectroscopy Laboratory

Expensive equipment.

  1. Bruker AVANCE 400 NEO MMR spectrometer (2019, 500 thousand euros)
  2. Varian Mercury-300VX MMR spectrometer (1997, 250 thousand USD)

Services provided:

A complete set of MMR spectroscopy services: preparation of samples, recording of spectra and identification of absorptions, qualitative and quantitative analysis, consulting of specialists, solving of problems.

  • Confirmation of the chemical structure of organic compounds.
  • Determination of the chemical structure of organic compounds.
  • Determining the conformation of molecules in solution.
  • Determination of purity of organic compounds.
  • Registration of MMR spectra of elements with magnetic cores.
  • Studies in a wide temperature range.
  • Study of dynamic processes.
  • Study of intermolecular interactions and equilibria.
  • Determination of kinetic and thermodynamic characteristics of reactions.
  • Analysis of final and intermediate products of chemical reactions.


  1. Panosyan Henrik Aghavardi, PhD, head of the laboratory,
  2. Aleksan Gevorqi of Shahkhatuni, Ph.D.
  3. Shahkhatuni Astghik Alexani, c.g.t., a.g.a.
  4. Dangyan Mark Yura, av. lab assistant,
  5. Petrosyan Sofi Armeni, laboratory assistant,
  6. Khanamiryan Anahit Simoni, av. laboratory assistant

Scientific research

Cooperation in the fields of chemistry and related fields:

  1. Chemical sciences
  2. Pharmacology
  3. Material science
  4. Medicine
  5. Biological sciences
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