Professional advice 010

The 010 Professional Council of the RA Higher Education Institute of Higher Education, which awards the doctor of science and candidate degrees in three specialties: B.00.03 – “Organic chemistry”, B.00.10 – “Bioorganic chemistry” and B.00.06 – “High molecular compounds” operates in the center.

010 Composition of the Professional Council

1.Topuzyan Vigen Oniki (chairman)chemical science doctorB. 00.10:
2.Nina Garniki Hobosyan
(secretary of science)
chemical science doctorB. 00:03
Specialty B.00.03 “Organic Chemistry”
3.Danagulyan Gevorg Hrach (Vice President)chemical science doctorB. 00:03
4.Gulnazaryan Ara Khazhakichemical science doctorB. 00:03
5.Yengoyan Alexander Paylakchemical science doctorB. 00:03
6.Torosyan Gagik Hovhanneschemical science doctorB. 00:03
7.Hovakimyan Marlena Zhirayrichemical science doctorB. 00:03
8.Markosyan Ashot Ishkhanichemical science doctorB. 00:03
9.Sargsyan Mushegh Sirunichemical science doctorB. 00:03
Specialty B.00.06 “High molecular compounds”
10.Grigoryan Stepan Grigori (Vice President)chemical science doctorB. 00.06:
11.Attaryan Hovhannes Sargsichemical science doctorB. 00.06:
12.Vigen Grigory BarkhudaryanPhys.math. science doctorB. 00.06:
13.Davtyan Sevan Paruirichemical science doctorB. 00.06:
14.Durgaryan Narine Angeloichemical science doctorB. 00.06:
15.Hasratyan Gagik Vacheichemical science doctorB. 00.06:
16.Sargsyan Serzhik Hakobichemical science doctorB. 00.06:
Specialty B.00.10 “Bioorganic Chemistry”
17.Harutyunyan Artur Armeni (Vice President)chemical science doctorB. 00.10:
18.Gevorgyan Gulnara Artavazdichemical science doctorB. 00.10:
19.Ghochikyan Tariel Vladimirichemical science doctorB. 00.10:
20.Paronician Yervand Garnikchemical science doctorB. 00.10:
21.Sirakanyan Samvel Napoleonichemical science doctorB. 00.10:
22.Aghekyan Asya Aghekichemical science candidateB. 00.10:
23.Babakhanyan of Ashot Vardgeschemical science candidateB. 00.10:
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